11  August  Posted by meg

Thoughts from Larned, Kansas

I was chauffeured from the airport today in a car belonging to the State psychiatric hospital, designed to transport patients.

I discovered this at the gas station when I realized there was no way to unlock my door.

It reminded me of what a delicate veil there is between this life and all our other possible lives.

There but for the grace …

Today I was a keynote speaker. I got dropped off at a nice hotel and got to stroll out along the country roads and watch the sky.
It was even more beautiful, knowing it could all be otherwise.

This was the week I left the hospital in western, MA 9 years ago.


After my presentation I had the chance to sit down for lunch with residents from Larned hospital.

They had created a Wizard of Oz theme for our lunch table and I sat by a big pair of ruby slippers.

I was not sure if I was dreaming.

As a parting gift they gave me an image of Glinda waving her wand saying to Dorothy, “you had the power all along my dear.”

On the way back to Wichita airport that afternoon my driver took a detour through the town of Hutchinson.

There was HUTCHINSON on the green and white water tower.

And there I was, whizzing through the prairie in the back of the psych hospital transport vehicle, clutching my Glinda card and feeling pretty good about it all. The whole yellow brick road.

Even if I discover that it’s all been a dream.

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