20  September  Posted by meg

a few random thoughts

It’s actually easier to hike in the dark when it’s REALLY dark. When the moon is full it creates so many shadows.

When the moon is full you hike with your eyes.

When the trails are dark you hike with all your senses.

The best things in my life have occurred when I don’t get what I want.


There are a few nights a year when the air is just the same temperature as the body.

On those soft nights it is more like swimming than walking.


I need to live where I can see the Milky Way again.


Divinity school is cool. I am learning there are many names for God even in one small room.

The girl with no names for God brings her puppy instead.


When my new friend smiles at me I think I see her Jesus and I think she might see my Buddha. So we smile real big when we pass in the hallways.


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