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April 14th Mom’s Poem a Day Challenge 2013

treeExercise in Conversing with Trees


Go ahead, talk to the trees in your poem.


What I like about the trees is how

they do not talk about the failures of their parents,

and what I like about the grasses is that

they are not grasses in recovery

and what I like about the flowers is

that they are not  flowers in need of

empowerment or validation. – Tony Hoagland in “Social Life”



-William Stafford

Inside the trees, where tomorrow

hides along with years, tomorrow

stirs.  And there my sisters

never born touch lips to bark

and begin to sing.


Brother of Air, Brother of Sun,

please tell our story, that we

may live in the brief wind.


Wherever I stand I hear the trees

petition so.  By listening

I know I’m born.  By turning

The forest back toward itself

I live as a friend of trees:


Listen together; be ready

You may be born. I touch the bark

And call deep as I can:

Part of me.



Song of the Trees


The wind


I am afraid of.

Native American

Translated by Frances Dansmore


jch 7/10/2003


Teach Me, Trees

Shadows rule

the early day

before the trees

rein them in

to the corrals

beneath their



Teach me, trees,

your dancing secrets:

how to swing

shadow partners

while you keep

your radiant




With undulating limbs,

you whisper

wind harmonies

for ever so small

an audience

or none.


Teach me.


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