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April 15th Mom’s Poem a Day Challenge 2013

By-Candle-Light-candles-11662575-1280-800Somehow like Brautigan  

Write a short poem or several poems with a warm, earnest absurdity like the poems below — an absurdity that isn’t random but dances with the shadow of whatever truth you see.


A Candlelion Poem

–       for Michael

Turn a candle inside out

and you’ve got the smallest

portion of a lion standing

there at the edge of the shadows. – Richard Brautigan



I Cannot Answer You Tonight in Small Portions


I cannot answer you tonight in small portions.

Torn apart by stormy loves gate, I float

like a phantom facedown in a well where

the cold dark water reflects vague half-built 

and trades all our affection, touching, sleeping

together for tribunal distance standing like

a drowned train just beyond a pile of Eskimo



Richard Brautigan

From ‘The Pill v. the Springhill Mine Disaster.’



In the dark

money is like

the dreams of

the fish repairman.

Reed Mollins



The train rattles orange.

I forgot something.

I knew I would forget it.

The bag had a brush and a clock

and a candle.

All practical and expensive.

I hear orange.

The train.

Slink Moss  April 28, 2012


Karma Repair Kit: Items 1—4

                                    Richard Brautigan


1.     Get enough food to eat

and eat it.


2.     Find a place to sleep where it is quiet,

and sleep there.


      3.   Reduce intellectual and emotional noise

                                 until you arrive at the silence of yourself,

                        and listen to it.


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