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April 16th Mom’s Poem a Day Challenge 2013


Write a poem about darkness, within or without — physical darkness or the dark night of the soul.


Out of whatever we have been

We will make something for the dark.

Philip Levine


If a man wishes to be sure of the road

he treads on, he must close his eyes

and walk in the dark.

Saint John of the Cross


Near Sheridan

                                   – Robin Becker


How neatly the world divides

in half after sunset in Wyoming.


All the loneliness

sinks below the plush, dark


silhouette of buttes and cottonwoods.

Into the huge, light sky rises


Hope, our best intentions,

tomorrow’s weather.


Night Hike 

-Meg Hutchinson


You do not know the woods

Til you’ve wandered them at night

I go there at dusk

So my eyes will adjust to the slowly dying light


I hug the lake when I practice this

I’ve learned to step my feet high

The dressage of navigating rocky paths,

In this I must resemble some awkward horse

Half prance, half stumble


I never bring a light I would forget to see the forest,

My friends do not approve of this

They mention coyotes and the psychopaths, the mother bear

They’ve never been out here


Felt the heat the stones hold long after the sun’s gone down

Sat so quiet they could hear the hiss of bat wings

Watched the path grow luminous beneath their feet


I’m always startled when I reach the car

Looking back over my shoulder

The woods so black now

It seems impossible I’ve just come through


It’s best to practice darkness

A little each day

One year it lasted months

And I was not ready.


Eye Mask

            Denise Levertov


In this dark I rest,

unready for the light which dawns

day after day

eager to be shared.

Black silk, shelter me

I need more of night before I open

eyes and heart

to illumination.  I must still

grow in the dark like a root

not ready, not ready at all.


…the candles flutter on the stairs of your voice

gold in the dark…

W.S. Merwin


To fling my arms wide

In some place of the sun,

To whirl and to dance

Till the white day is done.

Then rest in cool evening

Beneath a tall tree

While night comes on gently

Dark like me —

That is my dream!

Langston Hughes

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