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Being Happy

I’ve been known to burn too bright, I’ve been known to flash
and then go dark
I’ve been known to walk the edge, I’ve been known to trip
and fall right in
Madness sings a Siren song, the sea it calls me but I don’t swim on
Let the old year be behind me, let the old year be behind me
What’s the harm in being happy
What’s the harm in being happy?
Little pills of red and blue, drink them down
they’ll give you back to you
Sunny morning coffee’s made, cupboards full and
you across the table from me
Blossoms in the street after the rain you tell me I’ve been laughing in my sleep
They say perfect the life or perfect the art
A choice like that will only tear you apart
There’s room for both of you in my heart
In my heart

Richard-bass, Kevin-guitar, Brad-keyboards & string arrangement, Crit-guitars & drum sequence

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