Upcoming Dates

Meg Hutchinson  

Date City Venue Country
April 13th 2018 Denver, CO University of Colorado Denver with Kay Redfield Jamison United States
Performing the poems of Robert Lowell.
April 18th 2018 - April 19th 2018 South Bend, IN Gatekeepers: A Songwriter and a Sergeant and the Questions that Save Lives (co-presentation with Kevin Briggs) United States
Address: Kroc Center. Private Event for Healthcare Professionals at Oaklawn Psychiatric Center.
April 24th 2018 Baltimore, MD 32nd Annual Johns Hopkins Mood Disorders Research/Education Symposium United States
Address: Johns Hopkins University.
April 25th 2018 Baltimore, MD Moods & Music – Robert Lowell: Poet and Patient United States
Address: Johns Hopkins. Meg will be joining Kay Redfield Jamison in another celebration of the life and work of poet Robert Lowell. More info to come.
July 20th 2018 - July 22nd 2018 Boston, MA Winterbloom/Summerbloom Tour – Stay Tuned! United States
October 9th 2018 Ann Arbor, MI Prechter Lecture/Music with Kay Redfield Jamison United States
Address: University of Michigan.
October 18th 2018 Baltimore, MD John’s Hopkins with Kay Redfield Jamison United States

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