15 February

a healing we took birth for

Reading this for school. Reading this for life.
“Because pain has a simila […]

8 February

I hope I remember today

This afternoon on my hike a flock of geese flew low over the trail.
The sun was […]

29 December

For darkness is as light to you

A few family treasures came home with me this Christmas.
A bowl my great grandfa […]

1 November

… more important than the sky

The harder I try to look down at my school books …
the more extraordinary […]

7 October

notes from Divinity school

Today halfway through Hebrew Bible class my classmate sitting behind me pulled a […]

30 September

at the edge of the sky

Sometimes, right at the end of a grey day, there’s a secret hour.
There&#8 […]

20 September

a few random thoughts

It’s actually easier to hike in the dark when it’s REALLY dark. When […]

7 September

Even the stones

It’s hard to put into words …
That deep sense of belonging each afte […]

1 September

even the threadbare places

It’s good when the dream has room to keep growing.
And when you can see ho […]

20 August

at the heart of impermanence

I’m thinking about impermanence.
Tonight we met up with Antje and went swi […]