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Hard To Change

Train whistling home in the dark
Christmas lights up in the trailer park
And across the highway good Americans shop
There is a quiet dignity, yards tiny and clean
Small enough to just fall right through
The American dream
Year of the billion dollar bailout
Neighborhood of the graveyard shift
Just a few blocks back behind the dealerships
And all these things feel so hard to change
You know it used to snow here, now it only rains
I can barely hear you, over these machines
Turn ‘em all off and tell me about your dreams
Driving south from New York City
Past Our Lady of Liberty
Toward the strange glow of the factories
Wanna hear the silence in my life
But I bought all these tools to save time
Well if they save so much then where’s all mine?
Wanna be your new lover, wanna be your old friend
Don’t wanna make the same mistakes that my parents did
And all these things feel so hard to change…

Jeff-drums, Richard-bass, Kevin-guitar, Brad-keyboards

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