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a healing we took birth for

Reading this for school. Reading this for life.

“Because pain has a similar quality to grief, in that it can bring into awareness the submerged holdings of a lifetime, it also has the power of enormous purification, healing, and liberation.

Materials that are often dug for on the psychiatrist’s couch or yogi’s cave for years, become instantly available to investigation.
That which we were barely conscious of previously, what we refer to as “the unconscious,” arises into consciousness.

Knowing that we cannot let go of anything we do not accept, this accessibility of awareness to the previously buried, offers the possibility of a profound healing.

But it is easier said than done. It takes great mercy to work with pain. …

There is a healing we took birth for. Each moment is it.”

Stephen Levine “On Working With Pain”

– Hubble image of young star cluster

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