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notes from Divinity school

Today halfway through Hebrew Bible class my classmate sitting behind me pulled a ladybug out of my hair.

It fell on the floor.

We were in the middle of discussing Law and Justice in Ancient Israel.
It was very serious business but I was looking for the ladybug. Everyone was helping me search.

I was looking so intently under my desk that Dr Botta stopped the class and asked in his Argentinian accent “Whad eeze going on down der?”
“A ladybug. I am trying to save a ladybug.”
Dr Botta is very good-natured. He just waited.

I found the ladybug on the floor and pried it slowly off the carpet. I crossed to the window and let it go.

When I turned back there were 30 Christians, one former Jew and the atheist with the puppy watching me.

“Thou shalt not kill” said my neighbor with a nod of fellowship.
Suddenly I wasn’t the Godless Buddhist. I was the ladybug saver.
It was a great day.

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