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After I knew it was over had one too many in that bar
Stumbled out into cold weather we did not talk in the
I was still drunk hours later you woke me up on
account of the stars
Climbed out on the roof for a while lay side by side
in that beautiful dark

And I almost forgot the pins in my heart
Almost forgot what was tearing us apart
We left the shape of our bodies in the frost
For a while I was ahead of all that we’d lost

I remember mornings when our breath hung on the air
I remember evenings when our edges disappeared


There’s a certain kind of freedom
In letting go of such a dream
Out beyond all ideas of belonging
That’s where my love begins, that’s where my love

And I almost forget the pins in my heart
almost forget what is tearing us apart
i can still see the shape of our bodies in the frost
for a while I am ahead of all that we’ve lost

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