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Let’s Go

Let’s go down to the big lake, tho it’s almost frozen
Let’s bring a basket to put the right stones in
Tho the house is half done, we’ll make a fireplace with these ones
Gather these stones from Lake Superior

Let’s go out through the pine wood, tho the snow’s a coming
Let’s pick the right tree and drag it home behind us
Tho we’ve just begun, you are the family I’ve chosen
And I know Grace, I know Grace will put the star on

One family you’re born in, one family you make
One family you gain, already in place
All I know is I’m home
Whenever I’m near you

Let’s go out to the back porch, when the evening’s over
Wait for Orion to rise above the cedars
In the middle of nowhere, far from the town
I’ve never felt more found, more found than now

One family you’re born in, one family you make …

Near you, wanna be near you

Let’s go down to the big lake ….

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2 comments on “Let’s Go”

  1. Patricia Carroll Reply

    Just heard this song on WQKL…very nice. Love the references to your big lake.

  2. Chris Reply

    This song is breathtakingly beautiful, Meg– it’s right up there with “Climbing Mountains” and truly captures your signature sound. Thank you for such a blessing of a song. Pure genius!!!


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