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I feel the pull of distant cities
I hear the yellin of the trains
Learn to handle all the hours of these new found days
I hear the wailing of the sirens
Moving out along the sound
Tonight I feel so much more dangerous
Than this sweet little town

I wanna walk down streets with strangers everywhere
Wanna hear jazz on Tuesdays and have a life
’bout which no one cares
Wanna wear a tiny red dress and taste the city air
I want more

Though I’ve never been to Paris
I can see it in my mind
I guess one good thing about being young
Is I’ve got all kinds of time


I want to find a place to stay
With pretty boys in cafes
I want to sing all morning above the screaming of the subway
I wanna walk and walk and walk until I lose my way
Wanna forget all about you for one whole day . . .
I want more

I see the blinking of the signs
Maybe one day my name in lights
Even my skin can’t hold me tight
I feel much too wild for this country night


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