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Already my desire and will
Turned like a wheel
By the love which moves the sun
And all the other stars

(lyrics adapted from Dante Alighieri at the end of Paradiso)

“…ma gia volgena il mio disio e’l velle
si come rota ch’igualmente e mossa,
l’amor che move: i sole e l’altre stelle”


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One comment on “Paradiso”

  1. Margaret Klosinski Reply

    Dear Meg, I just want you to know how much I love your music. Your voice is like a musical instrument, perfect and pure. I met you after your concert in marshfield wi. I bought my tickets on line because I was afraid I would not be able to purchase one at the door. The good people of marshfield obviously did not know who was performing in there little town that night. I don’t really go to concerts, I have seen Lyle Lovett 4 times because my husband likes him, but mostly I only listen to van Morrison, & yo yo ma. But now thanks to iTunes I think I own every song you ever sang & wrote, except the ones you say are tucked away in your mothers attic, (see, I told your friend at the concert that I was your biggest fan), but he said he was:). I also have a very special daughter about your age & she too struggles with depression, so your music has helped me understand some of the things she is dealing with so I wanted you to know that you are also like the gatekeeper in that your music and your beautiful voice can & is helping so many people, I think your music should have a category all it’s own like “music every in the world should listen to”. Please don’t work to hard and take care of your special self. Maybe some day you could come to wausau wi and have a concert at the Grand theater, Thank you!

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