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Something Else

Turned inside out, outside in again
What new lessons will this year bring?
Nothing to do today, list scribbled out
My cup is empty, don’t fill it up
Fear just a trace, still fading away
How long did I sleep? I couldn’t say
Mending this giant, delicate web
Spin my mind back ‘til it’s shimmering
And empty myself, of all myself
Turn it over to something else
I’d like to sing you, a song without words
A moment of pause
It could all rush by in a day, years full of wanting
Years full of waiting
For your new life to begin
Missing the point, there isn’t a point but now
Empty ourselves, of all ourselves
Empty ourselves, of all ourselves
Turn us over to something else
Turn us over to something else

Jeff-drums, Richard-bass, Kevin-electric guitar
Brad-keyboards & string arrangement
Crit-acoustic guitars

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