“Meg Hutchinson is an extraordinary singer, songwriter, and advocate for those with mental illness.  She is able to articulate the experience of mania and depression in a way I have not heard before; she is also able to weave together her music, life story, and hope in a beautiful and profoundly moving way.”      

Kay Redfield Jamison, Ph.D.
The Dalio Family Professor in Mood Disorders
Professor of Psychiatry
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine



“Meg Hutchinson is like a combination of  Benjamin Franklin providing simple but profound words to live by, Florence Nightingale healing deep wounds, and a lark singing of better times ahead for persons with serious mental illness in recovery. Palpably sharing her own experience in using mind/body transformation and holistic approaches to recovery, Meg highlights the need to shift our treatment models to better address the physical, spiritual and creative needs of persons with serious mental illness. She has a comfortable, engaging presence in front of an audience that can disarm the doubters to at least actively consider her points of view.  Meg is a cornucopia of wisdom, warmth and entertainment.”

Jeffrey Geller, MD, MPH
Professor of Psychiatry, UMASS Medical School


“Meg speaks in a voice disarmingly authentic. Her spontaneity and conversational tone readily invite a deeper dialogue. And when she sings, she touches a place in the human heart that only great art can. Her approach clearly resonates with students at my college for whom her message has proven transformative.”

Ted Rueff PsyD, LP
Associate Director | Health & Wellness Center Macalester College


“What an amazing turnout and incredible experience you provided for our students. We have all remarked over the last few days on the way you sustained the attention of students and the feedback we have received from them is incredibly positive.  Thank you for your thoughtful presence, warm style, and openness in sharing your experience.  I think it has really made a difference here and set a precedent for programming that will serve us for a long time.” – Stephanie J. Kendall, Ph.D. Director Hamel Health & Counseling – Merrimack College



Active Minds @ University at Buffalo w/ Carissa

“Meg Hutchinson delivered a phenomenal performance and presentation at the Active Minds National Mental Health on Campus Conference. Our students, campus staff and administrators, and general attendees were delighted by the session and left inspired and energized. Meg carefully considered the goals of the conference and her audience and shared a combination of her music and personal story in a thoughtful and engaging manner that raised awareness, provided key education, and motivated powerful advocacy.  Her ability to address issues of mental health, struggle, treatment, recovery, coping and self-care through music provided a different avenue into these topics and offered a much needed change of pace from typical conference session formats.” Sara Abelson, MPH Program Director, Active Minds Inc.


“Meg does what few mental health speakers can: have a laid back, hopeful, and matter-of-fact conversation with her audience. Her ability to connect through story and song both entertains and reminds us that one need not choose between mental wellness and creativity. I am thankful for her partnership as we work to eliminate stigma among tomorrow’s leaders.”

Maggie Bertram, Speaker and Program Manager,
Active Minds, Inc.


“Meg uses her song writing, story telling and poetry to help you not only understand mental illness and mental health but feel it.  She has presented/performed twice to high school students who have mental illnesses or care about those who do. The Silver Ribbon Campaign at South High School loves partnering with Meg.”

Eva J Neubeck, MSW, LISW  South High School, Minneapolis, MN