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The Story Behind “Only Just Begun” Video

Meg Hutchinson’s new music video “Only Just Begun” was shot entirely in the far northern town of Grand Marais, MN by resident cinematographer Stephan Hoglund. She had seen many of his photos while spending vacations in Grand Marais, and felt that his sensibility and the surrounding landscape spoke to the world she wanted to create for this next album.

[youtube id=”F-miYxaryxs” align=”center”]

She described the character in her song to be this sort of wild researcher artist. Hutchinson says, “I’ve been thinking so much about how we are designed to be driven by craving, and that this has been integral to survival for eons. But in this song “Only Just Begun”  I wanted to take it to the next level, to say that we humans have the opportunity to move a step beyond this instinctual blindness towards a new freedom in our lives.”

Using the mystical shores of Lake Superior and the brilliantly colorful whimsical “Artist’s Loft” studio which Stephan Hoglund hand crafted and rents to visitors above his jewelry store, Hoglund and Hutchinson teamed up to create a magical timeless world, in which she could be part naturalist, part artist, part lover dreaming of a home, part spiritual being aspiring to move beyond all of these attachments.

In the final scene of the video we see her let go of the red book she’s been keeping close, and walk quietly away with open hands before the camera pans up to the trees and the sky. The effect gives us the sense that Hutchinson is actually finding a much greater home for herself in the world through this act of letting go.

She sings “My loves are many, my needs are few, billions of light years it’s taken me to get here.” And she closes the song with the lines “My best work has only just begun, our best work has only just begun.” This seems not only a mission statement but a call to all of us to re-examine our lives.


Filmed and Directed by Stephan Hoglund in Grand Marais, MN
Produced by Meg Hutchinson and Red House Records
Assisted by Boyd Blomberg
Edited by Mark Herd (by arrangement through Ezzie Films, LLC.)
Music produced by Crit Harmon and Meg Hutchinson, Boston, MA
Makeup by Maeri Hedstrom, Grand Marais, MN

(c) Meg Hutchinson, (p) Red House Records 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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