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When The Lights Went Down

Sit there like a sad and very tired child
Hold your glass too tight tho all that’s left is ice
Thousand yard stare, life’s a battlefield behind stage lights
Ah but Lu, you made us cry tonight

All those years you dreamed of making the show
Fame it seems to, only make the pain grow
When drinking with the boys, you always held your own
Ah but Lu, how we gonna get you home

When the lights went down
You made us feel a little less alone
Ah but Lu, how we gonna get you home

Starts so simple, the belief in something more
God or grief or just one poem opens up that door
Of a heart too big, for it’s container
You got a glimpse of heaven, and you ordered one more

When the lights went down …
Ah but Lu, how you gonna get you home

Oh we know this story, oh we know this story
Destroyed by your own fire or burnished into gold
I need your songs still, please get home


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