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Whole Bird

You live in the world I live in oh to my relief
I spend so much time feeling on the other side
Of some kind of bullet proof glass wishing I could fit
Into the normal every day, the nine to five neighborhood

Today a feather in the post a token of the wing
Of the greater one it came from
And nothing needs to be spoken

I don’t need the whole bird, just a feather will do
Just a feather will do
From you

Dog puking woke me early and I had to laugh
Glad to be up early even cleaning up this mess
Blue silver morning coming through the window blinds
Put your record on and then oh I was flying

I didn’t meet you too late
I didn’t meet you too early
I have known you all along

Like a person with amnesia I’ve been gathering up the clues
What is my work in this life and who do I love
Seems we come in constellations, oh from life to life
There’s a sharing of the heat and of the wisdom over time

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