• a healing we took birth for

    Reading this for school. Reading this for life.
    “Because pain has a similar quality to grief, in that it can bring into awareness the submerged holdings of a lifetime, it also has the power of enormous purification, healing, and liber […]

    15  February  Posted by meg
  • I hope I remember today

    This afternoon on my hike a flock of geese flew low over the trail.
    The sun was low enough in the sky to illuminate their bellies.
    There was something so astonishing about their wildness and the light on the underside of their wings.

    &#823 […]

    February  Posted by meg
  • For darkness is as light to you

    A few family treasures came home with me this Christmas.
    A bowl my great grandfather carved…
    And a tiny Bible that was given to Mollie Hutchinson–– she was among the first of my ancestors to travel from Ireland in 1849. There are […]

    29  December  Posted by meg
  • … more important than the sky

    The harder I try to look down at my school books …
    the more extraordinary the sky becomes…
    Until all I can do is run from the library down to the river and lean into the beauty for a while..
    My new goal for Divinity school is to […]

    November  Posted by meg
  • notes from Divinity school

    Today halfway through Hebrew Bible class my classmate sitting behind me pulled a ladybug out of my hair.
    It fell on the floor.
    We were in the middle of discussing Law and Justice in Ancient Israel.
    It was very serious business but I was loo […]

    October  Posted by meg
  • at the edge of the sky

    Sometimes, right at the end of a grey day, there’s a secret hour.
    There’s a window at the edge of the sky where the light comes through.
    That’s the beauty I recognize with every cell. It understands the darkness.

    30  September  Posted by meg
  • a few random thoughts

    It’s actually easier to hike in the dark when it’s REALLY dark. When the moon is full it creates so many shadows.
    When the moon is full you hike with your eyes.
    When the trails are dark you hike with all your senses.
    —&#82 […]

    20  September  Posted by meg
  • Even the stones

    It’s hard to put into words …
    That deep sense of belonging each afternoon as I walk out along the lakes
    Down into the pine forest when the light is long.
    That smell of pitch and hay and resin.
    And the smell of the lichen that&#8 […]

    September  Posted by meg
  • even the threadbare places

    It’s good when the dream has room to keep growing.
    And when you can see how it’s woven together.
    Even the threadbare places belong here.
    It’s good to have been the girl singing her heart out on the subway platform.
    It&#821 […]

    September  Posted by meg
  • at the heart of impermanence

    I’m thinking about impermanence.
    Tonight we met up with Antje and went swimming in a beautiful lake.
    After a little while Austin got out and decided to explore the shore. We could hear him rustling in the brush nearby but we couldn&#8 […]

    20  August  Posted by meg