• Thoughts from Larned, Kansas

    I was chauffeured from the airport today in a car belonging to the State psychiatric hospital, designed to transport patients.
    I discovered this at the gas station when I realized there was no way to unlock my door.
    It reminded me of what a […]

    11  August  Posted by meg
  • sky-time

    Sky-time. Best part of every day.

    August  Posted by meg
  • and to know that there was joy

    Every now and then a message arrives that suddenly makes this very solitary life seem totally interconnected again. I keep going back to the line about the flowers on the desert highway. To me there is no greater privilege as an artist th […]

    22  July  Posted by meg
  • Austin’s summer of love

    Hey Austin?
    I brought you and Toni a nice dog bed for the yard
    Wouldn’t it be more comfy?
    We like our bed. We made it all by ourselves.
    Toni: yes. But I did most of the digging
    I saw that Toni. You really are one helluva Poodl […]

    20  July  Posted by meg
  • Meditation on July Fourth

    I’m thinking of our veterans.In towns across America I picture them standing with their families as the fireworks begin. The flags are waving. The children are yelling with delight.But with each explosion they are suddenly pulled from […]

    July  Posted by meg
  • Last of the Donkey Pilgrims

    I’ve got a good story for you.
    This week I got an E-mail from a man named Kevin O’Hara. He wanted to know if he could use my name in his upcoming memoir.
    Nine years ago he was a nurse in the psychiatric inpatient unit where I spent a fe […]

    26  June  Posted by meg
  • Belonging

    Some days when the wind is just right I can smell the ocean from my office window.On those days my heart feels too big to live in a house.Some days I open the window further and make an offer to the gulls:
    They can come live in here and eat […]

    26  May  Posted by meg
  • Conversations with Austin

    Watcha thinking Austin?I am not thinkingOh
    Things are jumping in the water and whizzing in the air
    You are kind of like a yogi
    But I’m definitely Austin
    Yes you definitely are
    Kicking man thought I was a dog called Diesel
    I know
    Diese […]

    25  May  Posted by meg
  • your time here

    “If you could imagine the most incredible story ever, it would be less incredible than the story of being here.
    And the ironic thing is that story is not a story, it is true. It takes us so long to see where we are.
    … Once you […]

    17  May  Posted by meg
  • Reading A New Poem @ Club Passim

    [youtube id=”pJrjkkEaAEM”]

    15  May  Posted by meg