11 August

Thoughts from Larned, Kansas

I was chauffeured from the airport today in a car belonging to the State psychia […]

7 August


Sky-time. Best part of every day.

22 July

and to know that there was joy

Every now and then a message arrives that suddenly makes this very solitary lif […]

20 July

Austin’s summer of love

Hey Austin?
I brought you and Toni a nice dog bed for the yard
Wouldn&#8 […]

4 July

Meditation on July Fourth

I’m thinking of our veterans.In towns across America I picture them standi […]

26 June

Last of the Donkey Pilgrims

I’ve got a good story for you.
This week I got an E-mail from a man named Kevi […]

26 May


Some days when the wind is just right I can smell the ocean from my office windo […]

25 May

Conversations with Austin

Watcha thinking Austin?I am not thinkingOh
Things are jumping in the water and w […]

17 May

your time here

“If you could imagine the most incredible story ever, it would be less inc […]

15 May

Reading A New Poem @ Club Passim

[youtube id=”pJrjkkEaAEM”]